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Welcome Party: Benedictine Monastery of S. Scolastica

The medieval Benedictine Monastery of S. Scolastica, together with the annexed 16th-century bastion, is today the renovated home of the Archaeological Museum of the Metropolitan City of Bari. It welcomes visitors to the northernmost tip of that “museo diffuso” (widespread museum) which is the old City, with its density and variety of architectural, archaeological and historical values.

Natural gate between the city and the sea, the monumental complex is also a museum of itself due to that thousand-year-old stratification of events that has been revealed by a recent restoration project. It opens to the public at the end of extensive functional renovation of the spaces begun in 2011, carried out in stages using grant funds: from one end of the monastery to the other, by respecting and enhancing ancient pre-existing architectural structures, the archaeological path takes the visitor on a journey back in time, from the 19th century, through the Middle Ages, to Protohistory, into the foundations of the building.

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