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Michele Aresta

CIRC srl.
Chief Executive Officer

Doctor of Industrial Chemistry, University of Milan, Milan-IT.

Scientific interests: Chemistry of small molecules (N2, H2, O2, CO, CO2, ethene, allene, propene, butadiene); metals in low oxidation state (also negative); Co-ordination chemistry; Reactivity of coordinated molecules; Reaction mechanisms; Catalysis: homogeneous, heterogeneous, enzymatic, photo; Selective catalysts; CO2 chemistry; CO2 as building block for chemicals and carbon source for fuels; Solar chemistry of CO2; Utilization of biomass; Conversion of polyols; Conversion of long chain acids and esters; Polyunsaturated compounds; Valorization of polyols; New bio-sourced monomers for polymeric materials.

Patents: Co-owner of more than 20 National, European, and World Patents on new Catalysts and innovative, sustainable Chemical Processes based on the recycling of carbon (CO2, biomass, oil chemistry).

Projects: Coordinator of numerous National and International Projects funded by: Italian Ministry of University-MIUR (1980-2017); Apulia Region (1990-2019); Piemonte Region (2019-2021); NATO (1980-1990); EU (1990-2018, including the first EU Project on “Recovery and Utilization of Carbon Dioxide-RUCADI 1990); Industry (ENIChem, ENI, TOTAL, NOVAMONT, other SMEs) amounting to >50 MEuro as personal budget.

Michele Aresta
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