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Welcome to ICCDU XX

On behalf of the ICCDU International Scientific Committee, I am delighted to invite you to Bari in June 2023 for the XX International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization. The Conference represents a place for chemists, biologysts, engineers, and policy planners to meet, exchange ideas and discuss the state of the art and the innovative processes in the field of CO2 capture and utilization. Different sessions will be organized covering different aspectsand also a Roud Table will be organized.

In an effort to bring more graduate students and postdoctoral fellows into the ongoing CO2 discussion, we will provide discounts for groups and live virtual access to the plenary and keynote talks for this group of researchers.

Hopefully, most of you will be able to attend the meeting in person.

So, once more, welcome to Bari for a dynamic discussion on progress, challenges and solutions in the capture and use of CO2 at ICCDU-23!

The Organizing Chair

Angela Dibenedetto and Michele Aresta

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